Week of July 23rd – July 27th


Monday: Monte Cristo – Thick French Toast Layered with Ham, Turkey & Swiss Cheese, sprinkled with powdered sugar, side of maple syrup & Choice of Side
Soup: German Sausage
Coffee: Blueberry Cinnamon

Tuesday: Shrimp Salad Roll with Fresh Fruit
Soup: Chicken & Wild Rice
Coffee: Creme Brulee

Wednesday: River City Dog with Tater Tots
Soup: Caribbean Stew
Coffee: Cookie Doodle

Thursday: The Pilgrim – Oven Roasted Turkey, Swiss Cheese & Homemade Cranberry Mayo
Soup: Stuffed Pepper
Coffee: Butterscotch

Friday: Salmon BLT with Choice of Side
Soup: Garden Veggie
Coffee: Hawaiian Hazelnut