Week of September 16th – September 20th


Monday: Southern Cobb Salad
Soup: Corn Chowder
Coffee: French Silk Cheesecake

Tuesday: Cordon Bleu on Bun with chicken, ham, bacon, Swiss, lettuce & tomato with potato salad
Soup: Garden Vegetable
Coffee: Irish Cream

Wednesday: Shrimp Bowl with roasted garlic & onion broth, navy beans, risotto, spinach & broccoli
Soup: Broccoli & Cheese
Coffee: Cookie Doodle

Thursday: Bacon Cheeseburger on Bun with bacon, cheese, lettuce & tomato with choice of side
Soup: Chicken & Wild Rice
Coffee: Cinnamon Toffee

Friday: 2 Chili Cheese Dogs on Buns with baked beans & chips
Soup: Creamy Tomato
Coffee: Butterscotch